Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime and will be treated by the police as a very serious matter.  At the time of an incident of violence or threat of physical attack, telephone 999 (UK), 911 (US) or 000 (AUS). See a list of emergency numbers.

The assistance the police provide is likely to be temporary as they cannot prevent the abuser from returning home once released from their custody.  You may therefore wish to consult a Solicitor in order to apply to the courts for a Non-Molestation Order to protect you from further acts of violence and abuse.

It is also possible to obtain an Occupation Order which can exclude the abuser from the home and / or the nearby area, or dictate which parts of the home the abuser may and may not occupy.

In Australia, you can apply for a DVO. A DVO is where a court will set out rules for the person that has committed the offence. If these rules are broken during any time of the DVO, this will appear on their criminal record.

If you are in urgent need to apply for a DVO, Emerson Criminal Law can help. They have years of experiencing dealing with cases of domestic violence and have many successes. See more information.

There are two types of DVOs:

Temporary protection order

A temporary protection order can be applied for by the police or an individual. This ordered if often resolved fast and acts as a temporary solution before the full protection order is put in place.

Protection order

This type of order can be applied by a person that has been experiencing domestic and family violence. These typically last up to 5 years, but can be extended or shortened depending on circumstances.