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» Civil Litigation »

Civil Litigation What do we mean by “civil litigation”? If there is any kind of argument which is not family or criminal in nature, the chances are that it is a civil law dispute. Litigation in this context […]

» Commercial Litigation »

What is Commercial Litigation? Commercial litigation is similar to civil litigation and in some ways the distinction is artificial. Commercial litigation really means a dispute between businesses or between a business and an individual, as opposed to two or more individuals. We are used to dealing with commercial litigation arising from all kinds of situations, some […]

» Employment »

Employment Employment is the generic term which covers all aspects of paid employment, both from the employers and employees perspective. This includes disputes under the various express and implied obligations employers and employees have to each other.  An […]

» Landlord and Tenant »

Landlord and Tenant Landlord and Tenant Commercial and Residential Landlord and Tenant Disputes Residential landlord and tenant matters concern property which is lived in, i.e. flats and houses. Commercial landlord and tenant matters concern property which […]